Friday, August 11, 2006


'you THREW ALL/your TOYS OUT/THE PRAM/And I was one. (2006 radiohead calendar)
'You have assumed the shape of the ghost that occupies this house' (2006 radiohead calendar)

'at least tonight it's beautiful/I am yours and you are mine/BECAUSE I JUST GOT PAID' (2006 radiohead calendar)
'EVERYTHING SHOULD BE PERFECT But instead' (2006 radiohead calendar)

burn the witch

avoid all eye contact
do not react
this is a round up
this a low flying panic attack
red crosses on wooden doors
if she floats she burns
loose talk around tables
abandon all reason
stay in the shadows
cheer at the gallows
this is alow flying panic attack
six the song of sixpence that goes

burn the witch